Santa Cruz 2022 Men's Snowboards - JP Walker Pro - Snow Camo

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Santa Cruz 2022 Men's Snowboards - JP Walker Pro - Snow Camo




  • Product Description
      “One of my first boards was the Santa Cruz ASR 163. I loved it so much and when I rode it I tried to channel the spirt of some of my favorite Santa Cruz riders 
      like Chris Roach, Brian Thien and Sean Kearns. It’s a surreal feeling to now see my name on a Santa Cruz Snowboard embodied in artwork by Jim Phillips. 
      I love the Yeti Hand twist on the original Screaming Hand graphic and I think it’s a perfect fit for SC snowboards. My new board is a classic twin shape with 
      traditional camber but it is also easy to ride and more forgiving than the heavy cambered boards of years past. It still rails hard on hard pack and floats in 
      powder and has enough give to press the steel. I’ve always liked riding one board for all terrain and this board does that job well for me.“

      Riding Style
      • Freestyle
      • All Mountain
      • Backcountry

      Riding Level
      • Advanced
      • Expert
      • Pro Rider

      Sidewall: ABS+ Rubber Dampening
      Edge: HRC Stainless steel edge
      Core: HCM+ Tip to Tail Wood Core
      Fibre Laminate: Triax 45+ 
      Base: Super Glide SX7000

      Flex | Stiffness: 5.5/10

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