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  • SHEEPDOG Coffee - Coffee Meat Rub

SHEEPDOG Coffee - Coffee Meat Rub

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 Tried and true method used by barbecue pit-masters all over North America, adding coffee to a BBQ rub will accentuate the flavours of the meat and when cooked, the grounds will caramelize making a sweet and savoury crust that seals in the moisture of the meat. In BBQ terms, we call that crust the bark.

But coffee does so much more than just enhance the flavour of meat. It also acts as a tenderizer. The reason coffee tenderizes so well is not because of the acid level in coffee, but Instead, it’s the natural enzymes of the coffee that do the work.

Paired with the perfect blend of spices, we've created a savoury, slightly sweet, mouth watering spice which is amazing for Pork, chicken, beef, and even vegetables and potatoes.


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